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We are Cryoskin

We are globally renowned for bringing new and unique Cryo products to the Aesthetic, Beauty and Medical Industry. The Company’s ethos has been to continually strive to deliver outstanding new and innovative equipment. We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of service to our global alliance distributors. 

Interested in becoming a distributor?

 if you are interested in joining us please contact us by clicking on the link below or calling us at 0800 3100 421

 “ Beauty By the Cold “

Market leaders in new and innovative cryo products.
Our equipment is European; invented and designed by individual/bespoke manufacturers who guarantee us full product liability, and all our equipment hold CE certification with two or three year warranties.

Did You Know

Cryoskin are the manufactures of the renowned patented Cryoglobe. Our state of the art Cryoglobes are used globally for a range of aesthetic treatments. 
Information on all products can be found on our product page.

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