CryoSkincare provide you with first class training and support to maximise the returns on your investment.

Salon packages

Our salon packages aim to suit every budget and individual need. Along with the purchase, you will also receive the finest training available in the industry.

The course begins by ensuring that you have a solid understanding of the skin functions and anatomy. Identification & the various skin types and skin concerns. These basics are then supplemented with the science behind key Cryoskincare ingredients.

This is an excellent foundation for our other beauty training courses. During this beauty facial course, you will learn the benefits of facial treatment, the purpose of cleansing, toning, exfoliating and massaging the skin. In addition to performing client consultations skin analysis and treating different skin types and conditions. Learn what equipment and products are required, client and treatment room preparation and aftercare advice.

Salon Package 1:

20 x Cryo Renewal Complex Bottles
1 x 50ml Moisturiser Cream
4 x Stainless Steel Cryoglobe
1 x Fan Brush
1 x Spatula
1 x Thermometer
1 x Poster
50 x Leaflets

Salon Package 2:

40 x Cryo Renewal Complex Bottles
1 x 200ml Moisturiser Cream
6 x Stainless Steel Cryoglobe
1 x Fan Brush
1 x Spatula
1 x Thermometer
2 x Poster
100 x Leaflets

Each Cryo Renewal Complex bottle = 1 treatment
Treatment time approximately 25 to 30 minutes

To find out about more information, please contact the office for further information on 0800 3100 421.


How much is the training?

Cryoskincare packages start from just £500 (£600+VAT) with training courses attended at the workshops, included in the price.

Will I need to bring a Model with me?

Yes! To get the best from your day we require you to bring a model with you for most of the duration of your course. The Cryoskincare training courses are predominately practical and you will therefore be working on your model throughout the Course. We will observe your progress as you develop and practice your new skills throughout the training course. (Please note that the first hour will be devoted to essential knowledge and understanding).

How big are the classes?

We only take a maximum of 5 students per workshop. However depending on location and availability this may vary.

Can I start my own business once the training is completed?

Yes you can. Many students go on to run successful mobile and salon businesses. We can advise you on business start-ups and insurance & guide you throughout.

Where are the training courses held?

The Cryoskincare training courses are combined with the Cryosthetics workshops, which are situated all across the UK. The training courses can also be held in the privacy of your salon, at your home or any other venue that is suitable to you. (Please note an additional fee may occur for all training held outside of a Cryosthetics work shop)

How long is the duration of the training?

Please allow approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete the training. The training course will be broken down into the following sections.

  • Introduction to Cryoskincare
  • Cryoskincare science.
  • Skin functions and anatomy.
  • Client preparation – to include consultation, skin analysis and client preparation for Cryoskincare treatments.
  • Practical Demonstration of Cryoskincare products.
  • Facilitated practical treatments on models.
  • Client aftercare advice.

Will I receive a certificate after my training?

Yes, a certificate will be issued to all students that complete the knowledge and practical demonstrations of the Cryoskincare products and treatment method.

How do I book & what payment is required at time of booking?

A minimum deposit of 50% of the package cost will secure your training date, with the remaining balance payable 1 week prior to training. Deposits are non-refundable, but training dates can be changed as long as 48 hours’ notice is given.

What Happens after Training?

The Cryoskincare will continue to offer technical support and advice for any aspect of the Cryoskincare products and treatments.

What if I am not already Beauty Trained?

Please contact the Cryoskincare team for further information on 0800 310 421.
Please note that prior to any training we recommend research into the anatomy & functions of the skin.
If you would like to purchase a package, please contact the Cryoskincare team for further information on 0800 310 421 or simply complete our online contact form.