Cryoskin are proud to introduce our NEW Cryobloc SPF 50.

Cryobloc sunscreen works to
protect skin from harmful rays, and is added benefit to Cryotherapy treatments

The texture of the CRYOBLOC works in synergy with Cryo therapy,  to  ensure  your client’s   get  the  maximum  coverage  to  protect  their skin  after  treatment  and help  defend  skin  from  these  harmful  rays,  traumas  and  pollutants  of  modern day life.

Used In combination with Cryo therapy treatment, the skin stays protected and assists in ensuring the skin stays pigmented, hydrated, stimulated and regenerated, making CRYOBLOC a  ‘must have’ for your salon and for your client’s .

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A must have for Your  Salons and Your Clients.

·        Water resistant

·        50 SPF

·        Fragrance-free

·        Non-greasy formula

·        Travel Size

·        Not Tested on Animals

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