Cryoskin are proud to introduce the Cryoglobe.

A must for discerning facialists, therapists and aestheticians.

Unlock your clients best skin yet
With the investment of our number 1 bestselling product – the Cryoglobe

Cryoskin Ltd. are proud and pleased to announce the introduction of the newly designed and patented CRYOGLOBE, made from surgical grade steel and filled with freeze retaining fluids to maintain its freeze activity and Cryomicrocirculation. CRYOGLOBE acts to enhance salon treatments by improving long term skin quality with regular use.

The freezing temperatures retained in action by the fluids contained in the CRYOGLOBE cause vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation, encouraging cryo-microcirculation to increase in the treated areas.

CRYOGLOBE ‘Vascular gymnastics for the skin’ with regular use Cryoglobe will increase cellular turnover, bringing new cells to the skins surface, enhancing and improving the skins cellular quality.


Rolling Cryoglobe onto the skin

• Reduces inflammation

• Improves & enhances circulation to the skins surface

• Smooths and tightens the skin

• Minimises the appearance of large pores

• Reduces facial redness

• Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

• Used as an invigorating ice facial, lymphatic massage

• Improves circulation in the skin – leaving a healthy glow


Use with the following treatments:

• Semi-permanent makeup

• Coolifting gun

• Vein removal

• Skin needling

• Injectables

• Face peels

•Radio frequency

• Microdermabrasion


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